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The Main Reasons for Tooth-Colored Fillings

They may be among the most common dental restorations, but that doesn’t mean everyone enjoys having a filling placed in a tooth. Nevertheless, if you have one, then you need the filling not only to restore your tooth, but also to prevent the cavity from growing and consuming the entire tooth. If the reason why… Read more »

Learn More About Composite

You hear dentists and friends throw around the word “composite,” so you’re sure it must have some significant value in dentistry. “What’s so exciting about this buzzword?” you may wonder to yourself. While you may realize it is a material used in dental fillings and other treatments, the specifics might remain a bit fuzzy. We encourage… Read more »

What’s the Point of a Dental Filling?

Whether as a child, teen, or adult, there’s a good chance you may have received a dental filling at some point in your life. After all, the cavities that they’re meant to treat are the most common dental health issue, affecting over 90% of adults in at least one of their permanent teeth. As the… Read more »

The Truth About Cavities

If you’ve never felt the discomfort of a cavity, then you might not consider the condition a major concern. After all, you brush your teeth twice or more every day, and you’re careful not to indulge in too many sweets or sugary drinks. Nevertheless, a good hygiene routine and a healthy fear of sugar aren’t… Read more »