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Holiday Favorites That Can Ruin Your Teeth

We know you’re busy during the holidays, whether shopping for gifts, cooking for potlucks, or traveling out of town to visit with your family. It’s easy to let your oral health slip to the back of your mind, but it’s hard to undo the damage. Stained teeth in Shrewsbury, MA aren’t the most enjoyable way… Read more »

Dr. Pizzi Now Offers Kor Deep Bleaching for Teeth

Among men and women of all age groups, the vast majority cite whiter teeth as the most coveted improvement to their smile. After all, healthy pearly whites have been linked to perceptions of success, friendliness, and, yes, attractiveness. Sometimes getting whiter teeth is as simple as visiting their dentist for professional cleaning. Others require a… Read more »

More Tips on Aging Gracefully and Smiling Beautifully

In an earlier post, Dr. Todd Pizzi shared simple, effective tips for aging gracefully and improving your overall health. Dr. Pizzi, who offers cosmetic dentistry in Shrewsbury, MA, continues the discussion to demonstrate how your oral health and diet can result in a better quality of life, perhaps even adding a few more years to… Read more »

Aging Gracefully With Cosmetic Dentistry

Past a certain point, it’s sometimes hard to get excited about yet another birthday. We see no reason for this; after all, some things (and people) just get better with age. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with taking certain steps to ensure that you age gracefully. Dr. Todd Pizzi, a cosmetic dentist in Shrewbsury, MA,… Read more »

A Great Smile Is More Than Just White Teeth

Teeth whitening, the most popularly requested smile-boosting treatment in the United States, is excellent for patients whose teeth have unsightly stains, but what about those who need a bit more help perfecting their smile? If you haven’t kept up with the latest developments in cosmetic dentistry in Shrewsbury, MA, you may be surprised to discover… Read more »

4 Ways to Make Teeth Whitening Last Longer

Now that you’ve had professional teeth whitening in Shrewsbury, MA, you’re probably wondering how long you’ll continue to enjoy the results. Dr. Todd Pizzi uses an example comparing professional teeth whitening to working with a personal trainer to lose weight. Foremost on your mind are results: Your dentist (or trainer) can deliver results more quickly… Read more »

THAT Will Stain My Teeth? Really?!

Few things can sully an otherwise beautiful smile like teeth tinged with yellow or brown stains. Perhaps this is why teeth whitening has handily become the country’s most popular cosmetic dental treatment. Dr. Todd Pizzi, a cosmetic dentist who offers teeth whitening in Shrewsbury, MA, reminds you that stain-causing agents are everywhere, even where you… Read more »

When Teeth Whitening Isn’t the Ideal Choice

The appeal of whiter teeth is universal, but not everyone will benefit equally from this popular cosmetic treatment. Dr. Todd Pizzi, who offers teeth bleaching in Shrewsbury, MA, explains that certain conditions must be met to ensure optimal results. Having white teeth is one thing, but it is more important to have teeth that are… Read more »

6 Questions About Straightening Teeth With Six Month Smiles

If you’ve ever found yourself fantasizing about what it would be like to have beautifully aligned teeth, you’ve probably tried to imagine yourself with a mouthful of metal. Traditional braces, once the only option for teeth straightening, have now been eclipsed by more subtle, yet effective orthodontic treatments. Dr. Todd Pizzi, who offers Six Month… Read more »

Reasons to Skip the Soda | Shrewsbury, MA Dentist

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence in soda, but it seems that many Americans consume far too much of the sugary swill for their dentists’ (and doctors’) liking. Dr. Todd Pizzi, a cosmetic dentist in the 01545 area, shares insights into the effects of soda on your oral health. Pay close attention—especially if you’re… Read more »