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Easily-Preventable Causes of Bad Breath

When it comes to your dental health, much of what may seem inevitable is actually directly under your control. For instance, even though cavities affect over 90% of adults, they are highly-preventable with good hygiene and dental care. Likewise, persistent bad breath is often the result of something you do, or don’t do, that could… Read more »

Why Worry About Crooked Teeth?

If you’re teeth are crooked, then your main concern might be how they make your smile look. While confidence is important, however, appearance is the least serious complication associated with teeth misalignment (malocclusion). If you’re not that concerned with the appearance of your crooked teeth, then you might mistakenly believe that straightening them isn’t a… Read more »

How Do Allergies Affect Oral Health?

As if a rash, runny nose, and ticklish throat weren’t uncomfortable enough, many patients who have allergies also experience oral symptoms. On top of discomfort, some of these concerns can actually have more severe consequences for teeth and gums. We’ve compiled some key points to consider if you suffer from allergies of any kind. By… Read more »

This or That: Electric vs. Manual Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes these days can do it all, or at least that’s what their manufacturers would have you believe. Really, though, is an electric toothbrush any better or more effective than a good old-fashioned toothbrush? Does one remove more plaque or stimulate the gums more than the other? Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and… Read more »

Psst…There’s a Trash Bag in Your Toothpaste

What is it about microbeads that have made them such a popular ingredient in health and beauty products these days? Driven by the desire to scrub away dirt, oils, and stains, it seems that we’ll do just about anything to finally be “clean,” including using exfoliators. What not everyone understands, however, is that these tiny… Read more »

More Research Linking Heart and Gum Disease

Research is consistently underway regarding whether or not bacteria in your mouth (the same ones that cause gum disease and tooth decay) can travel into your body and cause other systemic health issues. One recent study at the University of Florida shows distinct data regarding the fact that the same bacteria which cause gum disease… Read more »

How to Safely Remove Popcorn from Your Teeth

Whether you’re at the movies, at home watching a movie, or simply want a light, non-filling treat, popcorn is often the snack of choice. As pleasing as it is to your palate, though, popcorn is notorious for working its way between your teeth and gums, sometimes remaining for days, weeks, or longer, until your mouth… Read more »

What Summer Means for Your Dental Health

Good dental health isn’t seasonal; your mouth, teeth, and gums are with you always, and need to be kept clean and healthy all year round. Still, it can be difficult not to automatically think of smiling when you think of summer. Even if you’ve long left school and no longer get the whole summer off,… Read more »

How Bacteria Lead to Gum Disease

The human body truly is a wonderland, though not exactly in the way John Mayer may have intended. On a microbial level, the interactions between your body’s cells and those of countless other microorganisms dictate much of your physical wellbeing, and your mouth is no exception. In fact, a typical mouth contains more bacterial cells… Read more »

Do I Suffer From Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea is a chronic condition where breathing is interrupted during sleep due to abnormally large or over-relaxed oral tissues blocking the airway. It can affect anyone in any age group, including children, and since it doesn’t typically wake the patient from sleep, many people with sleep apnea are unaware of their condition. If… Read more »