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Top Reasons Why People Skip Dental Visits

Your mouth is a gateway to your health: All the foods and beverages you consume to fuel your body pass through your mouth; aches and pains in your mouth can affect your surrounding body parts; and the illness and disease that develops in your mouth can spread throughout your body. One of the best things… Read more »

What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning

Some new patients feel apprehensive about experiencing a dental cleaning, but there’s no reason to be anxious: Having your teeth cleaned is a comfortable experience with serious benefits for your oral health. The most common oral diseases are tooth decay and gum diseases; these two ailments cause severe dental problems, yet they are easily preventable… Read more »

How to Teach Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Brushing your teeth becomes second nature when you are an adult, but we all had to start somewhere: Children need the guidance of their parents to learn the proper way to brush. It’s important to teach your kids how to brush their teeth, so they establish healthy oral hygiene habits from an early age. The… Read more »

A Crash Course on Gum Disease

It isn’t the most common dental health issue in the United States (that would be cavities), but gum disease still affects the majority of adults—approximately 70%, according to the American Academy of Periodontology. Despite its prevalence, and in light of the fact that it is also the leading cause of adult tooth loss, gum disease… Read more »

How Many Ways Can You Improve Your Smile?

These days, more people than ever are discovering the joys of a beautiful smile thanks to advanced cosmetic dental procedures. Regardless of the severity of your smile’s blemishes, there is likely a cosmetic solution that will not only improve your smile, but do so in a conservative, minimally-invasive manner. From erasing teeth stains in a single… Read more »

How Well Do You Know Dental Plaque?

You encounter it every day, perhaps most noticeably when you first wake up in the morning. Still, you might not know dental plaque as well as you should, particularly what it’s made of and why it’s a threat. Hopefully, you know enough to brush and floss plaque off of your teeth at least twice every… Read more »

What Your Teeth Love About Dental Crowns

Your teeth appreciate an attentive routine of dental care and maintenance. After all, without it, they would soon fall victim to all sorts of troubles, including aches, infections (tooth decay), and cavities, to name just a few. Even more, your smile can appreciate the effort you put into restoring your teeth whenever the need arises…. Read more »

Tooth Enamel–Your Teeth’s First Line of Defense

You may have heard quite a bit about tooth enamel. You may even know that tooth enamel is the strongest substance that your body produces. If you’re like some people, however, you may also wonder why you get cavities if the tissue that protects your teeth is second only to diamond in terms of strength…. Read more »

Tips to Relieve Jaw Pain from TMJ Disorder

Persistent discomfort is something that many people simply learn to live with, especially after trying and failing to find a satisfactory solution. Unfortunately, chronic aches and pains can seem exponentially worse when you don’t know the cause of them, and therefore have no hope of lasting relief. This is often the case when it comes… Read more »

Do You Need a Dental Filling or Root Canal Therapy?

Whether you need a dental filling or root canal therapy, the need will arise from a disease known as tooth decay, which is actually a bacterial infection that leaves holes called cavities in your teeth. Stopping the infection, and therefore preserving your healthy tooth structure, requires expert restorative care, and the exact procedure required depends… Read more »