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How Is A Root Canal Performed?

Root canals are not much different than placing a dental filling. In fact, placing a filling is one of the steps associated with root canals. Because a root canal involves removing infected pulp tissue from your “root canal,” there are a few more steps involved than simply placing a filling. However, today root canal therapy… Read more »

The History Of Root Canals

Based on a skull found in the Negev Desert in Israel with a bronze wire inside a tooth, it has been surmised that the wire was an attempt to treat an infected tooth, therefore, rendering it root canal treatment. The skull dates back to the second or third century B.C. It is believed that the… Read more »

Are You Having A Tough Time Staying Awake?

If you are having a tough time staying awake at work, while you are driving, or watching TV, you may wonder what that has to do with dentistry. The fact is, you may be tired because you are suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition that many dentists can help diagnose and… Read more »

Why Are My Teeth Tired?

Do your teeth feel tired? That may seem like a silly question, and it actually is. What we mean is do your gums feel tired and achy? Does your jaw feel tired and achy too? Do the roots of your teeth seem to ache? Do you wonder why? If you answer yes to the questions… Read more »

6 Types Of Periodontal Disease

When discovered in its earliest stages gum disease can be reversed, but as it progresses that is not so. Left untreated gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease, can advance to periodontitis and eventually lead to tooth loss and other more serious health problems. Although all patients need to know is that they have gum… Read more »

Dental Bonding FAQs

There are many dental treatments today to accommodate everyone. There are short-term, long-term, expensive, inexpensive, invasive, less-invasive, minimally invasive, non-invasive, and on and on. Although having many choices is great, it can also be overwhelming. What is the right dental treatment for you? Which ones fit into your budget and time-constraints? Should you opt for… Read more »

What Your Teeth Say About You: Installment #2

When it comes to our teeth we want to keep them healthy, strong, and attractive. Most of us look in the mirror and just see, well…teeth, and some pink gum, when we smile. We want our teeth to be straight and white because we know that straight, white teeth are attractive and say a lot… Read more »

What Expectant Moms Need to Know About Oral Care: Part One

Every mom cares about the health of her children, but sometimes in an effort to put their needs’ first she can neglect her own care. In the case of dentistry, in particular, many expectant moms believe dangerous untruths that can cause them to delay important preventive dental measures during their pregnancy. In fact, pregnant moms… Read more »

Family Dentist Frequently Asked Questions

Help your children enjoy a lifetime of good dental health: Visit a family dentist who understands the gentle care and treatment necessary for children, while also being able to treat all family members for your family’s convenience. Pediatric dentistry should not be overlooked, because tooth decay is prevalent amongst children, and poor dental hygiene can… Read more »