Should You Bridge the Gap or Let It Go?

Dental bridges replace missing teethWe appreciate a unique smile as much as the next, but sometimes the things that make your smile different can also pose threats to your oral health. Gaps between teeth are a perfect example. A small gap between front teeth adds character, some would say, but an entire missing tooth? Not so much. And if you’ve lost two or more teeth in a row, it’s hard to feel fully comfortable flashing your smile. Veneers and braces are available for minor gaps, but substantial gaps left by missing teeth require dental prosthetics, such as dental implants, a dental bridge, or even a partial denture. Dr. Todd Pizzi, who offers dental bridges in Shrewsbury, MA, discusses the advantages of this alternative to missing teeth.


Healthy Treats That Can Actually Stain Your Teeth

Healthy foods that stain teethWhy is it that some of the best-tasting foods are the worst for our bodies? Or just when you think you’ve found the perfect healthy food, it turns out that there’s some hidden health threat? It’s not that you have to abstain from enjoying these foods altogether, but it’s helpful to understand which foods might warrant a little extra time with your toothbrush. If your diet or hygiene has left your teeth less than perfect, you’ll appreciate that Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury offers professional teeth whitening in Shrewsbury, MA.


Decoding Your Smile Style | Cosmetic Dentist in Shrewsbury

Decoding your smile styleWe usually associate a smile with feelings of happiness and love, but not all smiles are used to convey the same emotions. Regardless of what feelings you hope to convey with your smile, one thing is for sure: Smiling is much easier when you like what you have to offer, says Dr. Todd Pizzi at Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury. Dr. Pizzi, along with Dr. Luciana Messina, offer interesting facts about different types of smiles and their hidden meanings.


Now That You’ve Quit Smoking…

Teeth whiteningBreaking any bad habit is hard, especially when dealing with one as addictive as using tobacco. What better way to reward yourself for your efforts than by restoring your smile to its former glory? Dr. Todd Pizzi, a cosmetic dentist who provides teeth whitening in Shrewsbury, MA, discusses treatment options for patients whose oral health has been impacted by years of tobacco use.


Drugstore Teeth Whitening: A Do or a Don’t?

Drugstore teeth whiteningPerhaps you’ve seen the ads featuring smiling, attractive men and women extolling the merits of over-the-counter teeth whitening products. The commercials make it look so easy! Who wouldn’t want to whiten their teeth while running errands, sitting in class, or driving home from work? Despite their obvious appeal, OTC whitening strips and bleaching kits aren’t always the best option. Does this mean they’re a waste of your time and money? Not necessarily, says Dr. Todd Pizzi. Dr. Pizzi, a Shrewsbury, MA cosmetic dentist, helps patients choose between over-the-counter and professional teeth whitening.


The Tooth Loss Dream: What Does It Mean?

Preventing tooth lossThere are some dreams that seem to happen to everyone at some point, from the humiliating (homeroom, no pants) to the surreal (flying over rooftops). We usually laugh these dreams off, but what about the unsettling dream—nightmare, even—in which your teeth fall out? At Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury, we don’t really consider ourselves expert dream interpreters, but it’s interesting to see what others have to say about his particular dream. Dr. Todd Pizzi, a general and cosmetic dentist in Shrewsbury, MA, shares interesting interpretations.


Contouring for Troublesome Tooth Textures

Teeth contouringIn the quest for the perfect smile, few people stop to consider how the texture of their teeth impacts their grin. The enamel may be pearly white and strong, but pits, ridges, and grooves in the tooth surface can dull your smile, lending an uneven appearance. Not everyone is a good match for porcelain veneers, but fortunately Dr. Todd Pizzi offers another solution: teeth contouring in Shrewsbury, MA. What is contouring, and why do our patients love it?

The Anatomy of a Tooth

Most people assume that each tooth is a single type of material throughout, but this isn’t accurate. Several thin, naturally translucent tissue layers make up each tooth. Of these, the outermost layer comprises the tooth enamel. The contouring process entails the careful, conservative removal of tooth enamel to create a more uniform tooth surface.

What Patients Love About Contouring

Teeth contouring appeals to many different types of patients. For some, it’s the fact that no prep work is required before receiving treatment, whereas some preparation is needed for bonding and veneers. Contouring is also an economical alternative to veneers and, in some cases, orthodontic treatment. Because teeth that slightly overlap may be contoured, there is no need for the lengthy treatment time associated with traditional braces. If you’ve ever found yourself echoing these sentiments, you may be an excellent candidate for teeth contouring.

“I have a really busy schedule, so I’m not crazy about the idea of making multiple appointments to have my teeth fixed. Luckily, my dentist can contour my teeth in just one appointment.”

“I’m tired of cutting my tongue on the rough edges of my teeth.”

“I’m on a budget, so veneers and braces are definitely out of my price range. This is cheaper, but the results were undeniable.”

“I’ve always been self-conscious about the fact that one of my front teeth is really pointy and longer than the others. Not anymore!”

Questions about teeth contouring? To learn more about cosmetic dentistry in Worcester County, or to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors, contact us at (508) 842-8838. Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury welcomes patients living in Shrewsbury, North and South Grafton, Boylston, Hopkinton, and the surrounding communities.

Answering Patients’ Questions About Porcelain Veneers

Questions about porcelain veneersTeeth whitening may be the most popular cosmetic dental treatment in the country, but what about those who need a little more help perfecting their smile? Dr. Todd Pizzi, a cosmetic dentist offering porcelain veneers in Shrewsbury, MA, discusses the use of veneers to treat several flaws that might be holding back your smile. In today’s post, he answers questions from patients considering this versatile procedure.


Modern Dental Materials: Practical AND Pretty

White fillings and crownsWhen you think of having a dental filling or crown placed, you probably don’t think of the procedure as falling under the category of cosmetic dentistry. It’s true that we generally consider these treatments as restorative procedures; they are intended to restore the structure of your damaged tooth so you can bite and chew your food, speak clearly, and save the tooth from extraction. Actually, says Dr. Todd Pizzi, a cosmetic dentist in Shrewsbury, MA, sometimes a restorative procedure has more aesthetically pleasing results.


Truth Whitening: Myths About Teeth Bleaching

teeth-whitening-mythsDid you know that getting whiter teeth is the number one request among patients considering cosmetic dentistry? It’s true, says Dr. Todd Pizzi, a cosmetic dentist who offers teeth whitening in Shrewsbury, MA. Along with Dr. Luciana Messina at Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury, Dr. Pizzi debunks commonly held misconceptions about the art and science of bleaching your teeth.